Friday, October 30, 2009

Dear Heart.

Open your window.
As wide as it will open
Can you feel the wind?
Or a breeze even?
Can you smell the fall,
It’s rotting leaves,
And it’s cold water
And it’s clouds?

Do you see that rain
As is pours down
Cooling the ground
Cooling your soul?
It’s beautiful.
You could weep.
You could watch it,
And cry for the freedom.

Wind! Can you hear it?
You felt it.
But can you hear it?
It goes and comes
And moves and sings.
Can you hear it?
Wind with the trees
Moving like lovers,
Moaning with pleasure
And freedom.

Breath! Look out!
Look up at the clouds.
The patch of blue,
The height and depth of such
Is staggering to the soul.
Unable to understand
Stand in silence and awe.
Maybe that’s the point.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Changing the World

Is not going to start with a major, or a minor, or four years of school, or sixty
It’s not going to start with prayer, or a fast, or a trip to find our spirit
Transforming the world will happen when we bow our heads and
When we bend our knees, becoming guilty before one another
When we open our eyes and find that the cave is inescapable
When we look around and realize goodness cannot be seen
Because we are chained to each other down here,
And when we think we are seeing
We are really just dreaming.
Changing the world will be
Waking from our dream
Soundlessly reaching
Grabbing cold hands
And whispering
Over and over
Forgive me.
I love you.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Nothing was as good

As when we walked on rainy days
And you leaned your neck forward and around
In an act of pure acrobatics
Just to look into my eyes
Looking for something
Or waiting for something.

Your steps are seared into my memory
A gait that I will never quite forget
Your neck and shoulders leaning forward
Unable to wait for the next step
Long legs jutting and thrusting
An awkward stride, a telling stride

Words and steps pouring from your body
As rain from the grey blue sky
Your high voice echoing in my ears
Expecting from me words of understanding
Leaning your body forward perhaps
To find that understanding

When my thoughts were elsewhere
You would ask what I was thinking
And that would stop my breath
Your persistence when I wouldn’t answer
And your satisfaction when I did
Was always satisfying

Honesty was not our strong suite then
We fed ourselves on half truths
And were satisfied by that
In silence and lies we were comfortable
I wonder if you still are
I wonder if you still are anxious for the next step.

We taught each other our games
Of manipulation and untruths
And we laughed when we played with others
Because they were ignorant to our ways
And they couldn’t see that we were playing
Demons in the skin of children

We turned our games on each other
Laughing like those drunk on wine
At how clever we were
Knowing that these games of hurt
Stopped us from playing a game we didn’t want to play
Complete honesty

What would we have said if forced to play?
If the demons were expelled
And the children were forced to come out
And play in the rain

My love
I don’t
My friend
You’re not
My game
You played
My demon
You saved